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The Author, Richard Lynch, was born and raised in Iowa. He grew up spending time on his aunt’s farm and learning much about farming. He graduated from High school and went to Wartburg College; unfortunately, he ran out of money while in college and also received a low draft marking. So Instead of returning to his hometown, he enlisted himself in the Navy. He cruised the world for five years and returned to work in a Canvas Company. He is an industrial engineer for a successful agricultural manufacturer. He has two children and two grandchildren. This book, “The Farmer,” is an inspirational story based on the author's life experiences.

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The Farmer is an inspirational story about a man named Sean. He is a former Navy Seal and returns home to work on the family farm. He wants to forget what he did in Afghanistan and move ahead in his life. He plans on marrying a girl and having a family of his own. But life planned some struggles for him. He faces a hard time working on the farm; if that isn’t enough, his marriage feels like a sinking ship. Sean wouldn’t admit the defeat and did his best to survive both.

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